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DANDO® Powerful Ice Melt

Calcium Chloride Pellets

The most powerful ice melt on the market

Works down to -30°F

Suitable for roof

Instant Work, Last Long

Best for Extreme Cold Weather


  • Melts ice 2 to 5 times faster than rock salt.

  • Sodium Free, less environment impact

  • Faster Action, Longer Lasting

  • Generate heat when contact with ice and snow

  • Improves traction, makes your steps safer.


DANDO® Powerful Ice Melt is made with calcium chloride, free of rock salt. Calcium Chloride is the most effective ice melt material for melting ice and snow. It works 2 to 5 times faster than other ice melt materials on the market. It is hygroscopic which simply means that it absorbs moisture when contact with snow and ice, also attracts moisture from air. Then calcium chloride produces an exothermic reaction and generates heat. The heat accelerates the ice melting further. In addition, the ice melt can dissolves into brine faster which instigates the melting of the ice surrounding it. Rock salt must absorb heat from its surroundings, which delays the process.

Choosing a proper ice melt can help to save time and money while reducing environmental impact. When the temperature drops below 5°F, many ice melt materials fail to work, DANDO® Powerful Ice Melt is your best choice. Calcium Chloride pellets could penetrate through ice faster than competing materials. It keeps perform when the weather is extreme cold. Calcium Chloride will clear thick ice and snow quickly in extreme temperatures to help prevent painful slip and fall accidents. To protect your whole family, making steps, sidewalks, driveways and parking much safer, choose DANDO® Powerful Ice Melt.


Industrial use only, prohibited in food and drug use

Do not over apply, use only as directed

Do not use on new concrete that has not fully cured or less than one year old

Wear gloves when handling and wash hands thoroughly afterwards, wash contaminated clothing before reuse.

All ice melt products have some effects on the environment. Flush area with water if over-use is suspected or damage appears on plants.

Keep out of reach of children and animals


Net WT 50 lbs. (22.68kg)

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How to Use

When the depth of snow is higher than 1 inch on the ground, remove the excess snow first. Wear gloves before apply ice melt.

Directly spread 2-4 oz. per square yard on stubborn ice or packed snow. You also can apply it within 5 hours prior to snow to melt snow as it falls. Too early use is not advised. The product may absorb moisture from air turning into oily salt that track inside and can cause slippery indoor surface. Evenly sprinkle on to the surface area to be treated. Remove slush and water when melted to prevent re-freezing.

To make liquid ice melt is a more efficient way to use this product when the temperature is not extremely low. After the certain quantity product is dissolved in water, you can use the solution to cover larger icy area more evenly. The colder the weather is, the higher concentration of solution is needed.

At 10℉, the weight ratio of Dando® Powerful Ice Melt to Water is about 1:3. For example, you can blend 4 lbs Dando® Powerful Ice Melt with 1 gallon water in a container then use sprayer for application. According to following table, you can prepare different concentrations of liquid ice melt to achieve the highest efficiency at various temperatures. When the predicted temperature is under -10℉, the liquid ice melt is not suggested.

Stir to make ice melt completely dissolved in water. Suggested Spray density is set about 1 gallon for 200 square feet. Apply it before predicted snow or on icy ground surfaces.


It should be stored in a dry area away from excessive moisture. Reseal it tightly without air in the bag after using to prevent from caking.

Do not store in attic, upper floors or any area where leaking of liquid brine could cause damage.


Price: US$33.99 /bag


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pretty good!

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Great ice melt. It works really fast! Good for such a horrible winter.

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It melts ice very fast!! I like it.

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