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Dando Chemicals Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, registered  in England. In March 2010, we began manufacturing fine chemicals in Beijing, China and thus forming the subsidiary company, Beijing Dando Corporation Limited. The headquarters of the company is located in the heart of Chaoyang District, one of Beijing`s busiest business centers.

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Dando Chem News
Dando Chem News
Dando Chem News
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Ever since 2008, Dando began exporting inorganic chemicals such as nitrates, phosphates, potash, caustic soda, etc. Due to a good reputation in business, Dando was able to develop a complete supply and logistic system that upheld the import and export of various inorganic chemicals. All of our clients from across the world can attest to the high quality, prompt delivery, and cost-effectiveness that our company delivers. Our products cover the majority of agricultural and industrial inorganic chemicals. Even though Dando started from scratch in 2008, they achieved 7 million USD in annual sales for the year 2013.

Our mission is to serve our customers by providing superior products to meet their chemical needs, exceptional technical support and resourceful innovations through our continuing search for the best solutions to their problems.

We are committed to continuously adapting to meet our customer’s needs. It’s not enough for us to just have high-quality products, but we also have the technical support system to back them up. Our products must meet our high quality specifications as well as meet our customer’s specifications.


Office in the U.S.A
551 E 11 Mile Rd. Suite 3B
Madison Heights, MI, 48071

Office: 248-629-9434
E-mail:  sales at dandochem.us
Sales & Other Inquiries
855-344-7512(Toll Free)


Office in China
4th Floor Guandongdian
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Office: +86 10 52436056
E-mail:  info at dandochem.com